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Attorney Deubler Convinces Court to Give January 6 th Client Home Detention and Probation, denying Government’s Request for Jail Time

The client spent nearly an hour inside the Capitol during the January 6 Riot and disposed of evidence. The prosecuting attorney argued that, given the events at the Capitol and the client's long presence within the building, the client needed to spend some time in prison. After reading Attorney Deubler's carefully prepared arguments and seeing the relevant mitigation evidence submitted by Deubler, the Court granted Attorney Deubler's request for a sentence other than incarceration. The client was permitted to go home with his family the same day of his hearing and was given a sentence of Home Confinement and Probation.

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Zachary Deubler

Zachary is our Senior Associate Attorney and has received numerous awards for his extensive criminal litigation work. 

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