The attorneys of Carmichael Ellis & Brock, PLLC are experienced Virginia litigators.  As a former Assistant Public Defender, Mr. Ellis has represented over a thousand clients with Virginia criminal charges, and has taken hundreds of cases to trial - many to victory.  Ms. Carmichael gained her experience at the state level in private practice handling many different types of cases, from traffic offenses to serious felonies.  Both are skilled practitioners who do not just plead their clients out, but convince judges and juries to take a closer look at the other side of the story.

The attorneys of Carmichael Ellis & Brock, PLLC, will stand up for you and fight in all of the following types of cases, among others:

- Violent crimes, such as malicious wounding, domestic assault and battery, mob assault, attempted murder, armed robbery, kidnapping, stalking, and more

- Sex offenses, such as rape, aggravated sexual battery, abduction with intent to defile, indecent liberties, sexual assault, child pornography, and more

- Theft offenses, including embezzlement, petit larceny, grand larceny, and more

- Fraud cases, including credit card fraud, forgery, uttering, bigamy, and more

- Drug offenses, including prescription fraud, conspiracy, drug distribution, drug manufacturing, simple possession and more

- Weapons offenses, including illegal possession of concealed weapon, possession of firearm by a felon, and more

- DUI/DWI and traffic offenses, including Driving on Suspended/Revoked license, reckless driving, habitual offender, and more

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What Happens Now?

If you are incarcerated, we will contact you in the jail where you are held, and we will remain in contact throughout the pendency of your case. If you are able to come in to the office, we will ask you to come meet in person as soon as possible. Our approach to defense is zealous, organized, and fast-paced, and we look forward to helping you.


Carmichael Ellis & Brock, PLLC is committed to representing you in criminal, military, security clearance, medical malpractice, personal injury, and product liability cases.