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Charges were brought against you -- now what?  The attorneys at Carmichael Ellis & Brock, PLLC are experienced analyzing and preparing your defenses.  It is important in every case to assess whether you may have challenges to the evidence, or to law enforcement's collection of the evidence.  Even if the defenses are not strong in your case, it is critical to achieving positive results that your attorney compile strong mitigation.  This includes character reference letters, challenges to the guidelines, comparisons with other similar cases (or those with worse conduct), and other positive attributes of our clients.  Below are examples of defenses and mitigation that may be available in your case, bearing in mind that every case is different.

 Search and Seizure

Rule 29 Motions


Parallel Construction

Right to Privacy (generally)

 Deportation of Material Witness

 Violation of Presentment

 Government Coercion

 Miranda Violation

Sentencing Mitigation

Self-Defense in Virginia