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Case Results

United States v. M.R. - TAX FRAUD

July 2016

In this federal case, client was accused of tax fraud conspiracy encompassing millions of dollars. As part owner and manager of small franchises with several other co-defendants, client and the co-defendants did not report all of the cash earnings to the IRS over a period of years. When client sought the assistance of Harris & Carmichael, they were able to intervene on his behalf with the prosecutors at Department of Justice. After months of meetings and ceaseless advocacy on their client's behalf, they secured a fair plea deal to one count of aiding and assisting the filing of a false tax return. Furthermore, they were able to limit his monetary exposure to only what he should have reported on his individual tax returns - a huge victory. Going into sentencing, client faced a sentence of up to three years of imprisonment. After submitting materials to the court in advance, and presenting evidence at the sentencing hearing, Ms. Harris was able to secure a sentence for her client of only 90 days of incarceration, followed by 90 days of home confinement, and restitution.