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Case Results

United States v. C. D.- 18th Street Gang Federal Drug and Gun Conspiracy - DISMISSED

In a case that drew attention from the press, our client and 6 others were charged and alleged to be members of the 18th Street Gang (a rival gang to MS-13 gang out of El Salvador) as part of a conspiracy to distribute cocaine and to use firearms in furtherance of that effort.  The government expended significant resources in an attempt to penetrate this gang, including sending an undercover informant into gang meetings wearing a wire, and recording many conversations with alleged gang members.  Eventually, the ATF agents flew a plane full of fake cocaine into a nearby airport to lure the defendants into agreeing to distribute drugs for a fake drug dealer from Miami.

Leading up to trial, Ms. Harris and Ms. Carmichael pressed every advantage for their vulnerable client, who had no prior criminal record in the United States and was not present for most of the criminal activity in this alleged conspiracy.  The defense attorneys formed a cohesive team with co-defendants and agreed that a clear defense of entrapment was warranted by the evidence in the case.  Pre-trial motions were litigated, and some evidence was suppressed. At the last minute, our client was able to be severed out and tried separately.  While awaiting our separate trial, all of her co-defendants were completely ACQUITTED by a jury based on the entrapment defense they had crafted together, and the government immediately agreed to DISMISS the remaining case against Ms. Dominguez.  Unfortunately for our client, however, she had to serve six months in jail before receiving justice. 

Practice area(s): Federal Crime