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U.S. v. K.R. Supervised Release Violation - TIME SERVED and NO ADDITIONAL PROBATION

January 2018

Client was on federal supervised release after serving prison time. He subsequently tested positive for drug use and was charge with Unlawful Wounding, Abduction By Force, Felony Assault and Battery in state court. He was alleged to have submitted a diluted urine specimen as well as having another positive drug test. The government forcefully argued the veracity of these allegations during client's detention hearing. Ms. Carmichael immediately began a robust investigation that uncovered gaping holes in the government's assertions. At the same time, Ms. Carmichael continued pressing a strong mitigation case. The government eventually capitulated and agreed not to seek any additional jail time and no additional term of supervision.

Jessica Carmichael

Ms. Carmichael was named a Top Lawyer by Washingtonian Magazine and Northern Virginia Magazine. Ms. Carmichael has been responsible for dismissals, acquittals, or reduced charges in many serious cases where her clients were unjustly charged.


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