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"These Two Lawyers Were the Best Choice I Made"

I first worked with Phoenix Harris on getting my case dismissed. After a lot of searching and explaining my case to several lawyers, I felt no one cared quite like Mrs. Harris. She was extremely knowledgeable, warm, and truly compassionate. She not only answered every question I asked in person, on the phone, via e-mail (and believe me- as a foreigner to legal matters I had asked a LOT of questions), but she was patient and thorough in her explanations. She fought hard for me and was able to dismiss my case. I am so beyond thankful I chose Mrs. Harris to represent me. Afterwards, I had the pleasure of working towards my expungement with Mrs. Carmichael. Jessica also answered all questions I had and really alleviated my fears about the whole process. She was extremely diligent yet speedy in her paperwork, and made the process for expungement a breeze for me. I want to thank her so much for all her help! If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney- I wouldn't look elsewhere!
– J.D.


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