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Commonwealth v. R.B. - Domestic Assault & Battery - CASE DISMISSED

April 2016

Client got into an argument with a family member and there was some pushing and shoving. The police were called and client was charged with domestic assault & battery. Client quickly hired our firm. We immediately started speaking to the prosecutor and got the family member involved as well. We pointed out how the police report was inaccurate and misleading and communicated to the prosecutor what the family member would actually testify to: not being assaulted. Prosecutor then dismissed the case before trial.

Court: Alexandria Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court

Yancey Ellis

Yancey is the managing partner at Carmichael Ellis & Brock, PLLC. He is critical to our firm-wide mission of service to the indigent, upholding the Constitution, and guiding our clients through the criminal justice system. As a Marine Corps JAG reservist, Yancey also assists military service members and veterans with their special legal needs.           

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