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Commonwealth v. M. S. - Violent Felonies and Firearms - RELEASED ON BOND

June 2015

Case Result: June 2015: Client Accused of Violent Felony and Weapons Charges RELEASED ON BOND

A Harris & Carmichael, PLLC, client was released on bond June 18, after lawyers at the firm appealed the ruling which held him without bond. Client is charged with a violent felony, as well as firearm charges, and was held without bond by both the magistrate upon arrest, as well as the General District Court judge whom counsel first argued in front of for bond. Yesterday, counsel was able to secure the client's release upon conditions, which include probationary reporting requirements, drug testing, and residing with a parent in another state, with a nightly curfew. Now, this client will be able to assist his counsel with his defense, and mitigate his case as much a possible.