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Commonwealth v. M.M.- Stalking Jury Trial - CASE DISMISSED

October 2016

Our client hired us to appeal his misdemeanor stalking conviction from General District Court, and we replaced prior counsel and set it for a jury trial in Circuit Court.  The complaining witness claimed that our client stalked her and put her in fear, despite the fact that there was no threat of physical violence, she continued to see and date him after she claimed the romantic relationship ended, and her communications with him belied no fear of the defendant.  After Mr. Ellis's fantastic technological presentation during opening statement, and a withering cross examination of the complaining witness, the judge did not even send the case to the jury and dismissed it at the mid-trial motion to strike! Client now must pick up the pieces of his life after these false accusations but thanks to Harris & Carmichael, PLLC, he will have a clean record.  

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Yancey Ellis

Yancey is a partner at Carmichael Ellis & Brock, PLLC. He is critical to our firm-wide mission of service to the indigent, upholding the Constitution, and guiding our clients through the criminal justice system. As a Marine Corps JAG reservist, Yancey also assists military service members and veterans with their special legal needs.           


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