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Commonwealth v. M. F.- JURY ACQUITTAL- SELF-DEFENSE Malicious Wounding

July 2017


Client, who had multiple felonies on his record, was charged with malicious wounding after stabbing a man in the chest.  The complaining witness sustained an injury resulting in a punctured lung and was admitted to the hospital for approximately a week.  Police arrested client on the scene and interviewed multiple eyewitnesses.  

After entering into representation, attorneys Wirt Brock and Phoenix Harris began investigating the case.  It came to light that the alleged victim in the case had a long history of violence and intimidation and had been arrested countless times for assaultive behavior, was known to carry weapons himself, and only a few weeks after the incident, was arrested himself for injuring someone else with a blade.  Additionally, on the night in question, he was carrying a knife as well.

At trial, 19 witnesses testified.  Mr. Brock and Ms. Harris, working closely with the firm's private investigator, brought three City employee witnesses to trial to vouch for the client's character and reputation for truthfulness. When client took the stand, he explained to the jury how he believed himself to be in danger of attack from the complaining witness when he quickly approached him and threatened him that evening.

The jury deliberated for 40 minutes, and found their client NOT GUILTY.  Without the work of this firm's excellent investigator, and extensive attorney preparation before trial, the client would be spending a minimum of 5 years behind bars.

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Court: Alexandria Circuit Court

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