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Case Results

Commonwealth v. D.B. - Felony DUI - REDUCED to Misdemeanor

May 2016

Client was charged with DUI, 3rd offense (felony) and refusing to give a breath or blood sample, 3rd offense. Client performed fair on field sobriety tests, but still made some mistakes. The police officer's stop of client's car was questionable. Using the weaknesses in the prosecutor's case, we successfully negotiated a plea agreement for misdemeanor DUI and refusal, 1st offense (non-criminal). Client still lost his license, but avoided a felony conviction and 90 days of mandatory jail time.

Court: Fairfax General District Court

Yancey Ellis

Yancey is the managing partner at Carmichael Ellis & Brock, PLLC. He is critical to our firm-wide mission of service to the indigent, upholding the Constitution, and guiding our clients through the criminal justice system. As a Marine Corps JAG reservist, Yancey also assists military service members and veterans with their special legal needs.           


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