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Commonwealth v. C.N. and T.N. - Obstruction of Justice - DISMISSED

September 2017

Clients, parents of an adult, teenaged child, were at their home when police arrived with an arrest warrant to take their child into custody for a possession of marijuana citation which had occurred two weeks prior.  The parents were surprised by the police presence and also were not sure their child was home. Naturally, they asked the police to show them the warrant and explain what the matter was about.  However, police officers on the scene became threatening and physical, escalated the situation, and forcibly took them into custody from the doorstep of their own home, leaving a defenseless minor child inside the home unattended.  

Upon hiring the firm of Harris, Carmichael & Ellis, these parents were advised that their conduct had not amounted, under the law, to obstruction of justice in any respect.  The prosecutor agreed with respect to one of the parents and DISMISSED the charge outright.  However, Mr. Ellis went to bat for the second parent at a trial, and secured an outright acquittal when the judge rendered a verdict of NOT GUILTY.  Both parents, who are upstanding members of the community and government sector, were embarassed in front of their neighbors, but have now been vindicated in the eyes of the law.

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Yancey Ellis

Yancey is a partner at Carmichael Ellis & Brock, PLLC. He is critical to our firm-wide mission of service to the indigent, upholding the Constitution, and guiding our clients through the criminal justice system. As a Marine Corps JAG reservist, Yancey also assists military service members and veterans with their special legal needs.           


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