A Moral Ally

-Yancey served as my attorney and steadfast moral ally throughout a grueling case in which I was charged with multiple felonies, of which I was acquitted. He is a personable professional who is exacting in his speech and diligent in his work ethic. In and out of court he is a man you want on your team. -When I was accused of serious crimes as a result of actions I took while in Afghanistan as a U.S. Marine I knew I needed excellent and morally sound legal counsel. Yancey was highly recommended as one of two top military defense attorneys in Marine Corps’ southwest region. After meeting him I was sold. -During the eight month lead up to my trial, Yancey diligently coordinated the efforts of my four person defense team, guided over nine pre-trail motions hearings, and ensured that the case was built around the integrity of the facts and an appreciation for all of the extenuating circumstances that led to my actions. -During a week long trial he skillfully employed our defense strategy and countered all ploys of the prosecution. His oratory, natural comportment, and keen knowledge of the facts and facets of the case all combined to create a compelling courtroom presence. I chose him from the four on my team to deliver the closing statement in my defense, and my wife’s comment after he finished was simply, “he said everything I would have wanted the jury to know about the circumstances and you.” -I highly recommend Yancey Ellis as an attorney and a man.
– Ben

What Happens Now?

If you are incarcerated, we will contact you in the jail where you are held, and we will remain in contact throughout the pendency of your case. If you are able to come in to the office, we will ask you to come meet in person as soon as possible. Our approach to defense is zealous, organized, and fast-paced, and we look forward to helping you.


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